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North Allegheny School District administrators are working on a fourth redistricting plan, one that takes into account comments from parents during focus group meetings.

“We’re hearing folks loud and clear,” said Robert Scherer, assistant superintendent for K-12 education.

The new plan would move fewer students, less than 300, and could allow the current fourth- and seventh-graders to stay put for their last year in a building, as long as their parents provide transportation.

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Some North Allegheny school board members say it’s time to consider asking tax-exempt nonprofits to chip in to help balance the district’s budget, especially because a preliminary spending plan for 2014-15 is showing a $7.3 million deficit.

Board Vice President Tara Fisher is proposing payment-in-lieu-of-tax programs, agreements under which nonprofits and other organizations contribute to government entities.

“We’ve seen it work with other school districts, when there are nonprofit organizations that are within their borders,” said Fisher, one of three members who joined the board this month.

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To review the NASD E-Report from the December 18, 2013 school board meeting, please click here.

The administration’s presentation, “Redistricting Update 12/18/13,”  can be viewed here.

The next school board meeting is scheduled for January 15, 2014 at 7pm.

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Administrators in the North Allegheny School District are developing a fourth redistricting scenario that takes into account feedback received from the community during focus groups.

Robert Scherer, assistant superintendent for K-12 education, told school board members Wednesday that the fourth scenario will affect fewer than 300 students.

The district is also considering allowing current fourth- and seventh-graders to remain in their schools, as long as parents provide the transportation.

“We’re hearing folks loud and clear,” he said.

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Some parents of North Allegheny students are taking issue with the school district’s proposals to redraw school boundaries to alleviate overcrowding at several elementary schools and a middle school.

“These scenarios just don’t make any sense to me,” Maggie Pople, president of the Parent Faculty Association at Marshall Elementary School, said after a Monday focus group meeting at the school, where district officials including Superintendent Raymond Gualtieri presented the plans.

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Recently-elected School Board members – Mrs. Tara Fisher, Mr. Kevin Mahler, Mr. Ralph Pagone, Mr. Scott Russell, and Mr. Tom Schwartzmier – took the Oath of Office at the Reorganization meeting on December 4, 2013.  To read more, click here.

To review the E-Report from Wednesday’s meeting, please click here.

The next meeting of the NA Board of School Directors is scheduled for December 18, 2013 at 7pm.

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The North Allegheny School Board has a new president and vice president.

Christopher Jacobs was unanimously elected president at Wednesday’s reorganization meeting. Mr. Jacobs, of McCandless, joined the board two years ago.

Newcomer Tara Fisher, also of McCandless, was elected vice president by a 5-4 vote over eight-year incumbent Thomas Schwartzmier of Franklin Park.

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This Wednesday, December 4th, the newly-elected board members will take their oath of office. The ceremony begins at 7pm in the Central Administrative Office board room. After swearing in the newly-elected and re-elected members, the board will appoint new officers for the coming year. Entertainment will be provided by the NASH Honors Chamber Ensemble and refreshments will be provided to all in attendance.

SaveNASchools encourages everyone who has supported these candidates to attend this celebratory event!