Make Your Vote Count

Posted: November 3, 2019 in Uncategorized


In previous elections, Save NA Schools has advocated “plunking,” or “bullet voting” when you vote.

This is a common (and legal) practice in elections where multiple candidates are vying for a few spots. In this election there are 8 candidates running for 5 seats.

Plunking maximizes the value of your vote. By being selective about the votes you cast, you are giving YOUR candidates a vote, and you’re depriving the other candidates of a vote – therefore your candidate actually jumps up by two votes.

In other words, when a voter selects three candidates in a five person field, the voter is casting a “no” vote for the candidates who are left out.

On Tuesday, we advise that voters vote only for Disque, Mahler and Warner. By voting for these three candidates and these three alone, you make your voice heard.

Your vote will truly count in this election.

**Important: The voting machine will tell you that you have an incomplete ballot. Simply choose to “continue” and you can submit your ballot.


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