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The North Allegheny School District’s plan to give every first- through 12th-grader an iPad or laptop over four years will be helped by a tax increase approved Wednesday.

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The North Allegheny school board will likely vote Wednesday to increase taxes in order to avoid cuts to programs, including elimination of a popular one-to-one technology initiative.

The board will consider two versions of a $144.2 million budget. Both versions were requested by board members.

“The reason the board requested two budget scenarios is because we need to consider what things would look like if a millage increase is not approved this year,” said board President Tara Fisher. “For comparison purposes, it’s important that the board understand the nature and the extent of any proposed cuts necessary to balance the budget without a tax increase.”

The first budget scenario, which is recommended by administrators, would raise millage by 3.43 percent, or 0.5972 mills, the most allowed by Pennsylvania’s Act 1. That would give North Allegheny a tax rate of 18.001 mills, one of the lowest rates in Allegheny County.

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