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SaveNASchools has reinstated its Political Action Committee (PAC) to support candidates for the North Allegheny School Board in the 2015 Primary Election. The name of the PAC is “The Committee to Save NA Schools” and it is registered with the Allegheny County Board of Elections.

The Committee to Save NA Schools endorses the following 6 candidates:  Libby Blackburn, Kevin Mahler, Suzanne Filiaggi, Christopher Finley, Christopher Disque, and Michael C. Meyer.

Group photo

First row: (l-r) Libby Blackburn, Kevin Mahler, Suzanne Filiaggi Second row: (l-r) Christopher Finley, Christopher Disque, Michael C. Meyer


These candidates comprise a District-wide slate as residents of Franklin Park, Marshall, and McCandless. Three are incumbents with Board experience and three are newcomers with fresh ideas.

In 2013, the NA School Board – which included 3 newly elected members – chose new Board leadership and began the process of moving NA forward. The 6 candidates on this slate are the only individuals who can be counted on to keep that momentum going, particularly through their support of three general principles:

Avoid Annual Tax Increases by growing alternative revenue and prioritizing District expenditures. The incumbents on this slate are the only candidates who supported the 2014-2015 budget – which did not raise taxes. They’re also the only candidates who supported the Administration’s recommendation to retain a consultant to provide suggestions for expanding the District’s fundraising efforts.

Advance NA’s Education Model by supporting small class sizes, improving classroom technology, and promoting STEM initiatives. The incumbents on this slate are the only candidates who voted for a policy to support smaller elementary class sizes.  This slate of candidates also supports new initiatives to help NA forge ahead with classroom technology and STEM education, areas where NA fell behind comparator districts under prior Board leadership. 

Encourage Community Involvement by supporting the Citizen’s Advisory Committee which was reinstated last year under new Board leadership.   Under prior Board leadership, the District was not compliant with Board Policy #4215, which requires that the District maintain a Citizen’s Advisory Committee to provide feedback on important District matters.  This slate of candidates values the community and their input.

To read more about these candidates, click here.




SaveNASchools encourages residents to attend the school board meeting on Wednesday, January 22 at 7pm.  This is the last board meeting before the February 19th vote to accept the administration’s redistricting plan.  Residents interested in registering to speak may do so by contacting School Board Secretary Rose Mary Ryan at or 412-369-5437.

North Allegheny Patch

North Allegheny School Board President: Peebles Elementary Staying Open

At the beginning of Wednesday’s North Allegheny School Board meeting, board President Maureen Grosheider announced that Peebles Elementary School, once slated for closure, would remain open.

To read more, click here.

Tonight is the first Regular Meeting of the North Allegheny School Board for the 2013-2014 school year.   The meeting starts at 7pm in the Central Administrative Office Board Room.  All residents are encouraged to attend.

The remaining NASB meetings for the 2013 calendar year are as follows:

September 18 = Work Session

September 25 = Regular Meeting

October 23 = Combined Work Session/Regular Meeting

November 13 = Work Session

November 20 = Regular Meeting

December 4 = Reorganization Meeting (1st Meeting for New School Board Members)

December 18 = Combined Work Session/Regular Meeting

We want to thank all of our supporters for an amazing year. Here are a few things you can do over the summer to keep the momentum going strong.

1.  Please continue to attend school board meetings. All meetings start at 7pm and are scheduled for the following dates:

  • June 19=Work Session
  • June 26=Regular Meeting
  • July 17=Combined Meeting

2. Please remove all SaveNASchools yard signs from your lawn for the summer and store them in your garage. We will need them again this fall.

3. Please mark your calendar for Thursday, August 22!  (The date for this event has been changed from August 22nd to August 23rd to avoid a conflict with NA’s district-wide Kindergarten Orientation night.) SaveNASchools will be hosting a pool party at the McCandless Swim Club to kick off the new school year. Details will be announced closer to the date.

Also, as you attend neighborhood gatherings and other events this summer, please keep in mind the following three points with respect to the SaveNASchools platform.

  1. The group was founded on the principal of keeping ALL SEVEN elementary schools open to preserve NA’s successful education model.
  2. The group has promoted (1) operating classes within the district’s class size guidelines and, (2) preserving programs in academics, arts, and athletics.
  3. The group’s vision is to move the district forward with initiatives that will raise revenue and avoid annual tax increases.

In a local election, every vote counts. Please get out and vote today. Your vote can make all the difference!

Vote FISHER-PAGONE-RUSSELL and don’t select a fourth candidate on your ballot. Thank you for your support!


Please only vote for three candidates at the polls tomorrow-FISHER-PAGONE-RUSSELL.  Do not select a fourth candidate on your ballot.  This is a common practice in elections where several candidates are vying for only a few spots.  It will help our 3 candidates be amongst the top vote getters once the votes are totaled.

The machine will notify you that you have an “incomplete ballot.”  Simply choose to “continue” and submit your ballot.

The top 4 vote getters are the only names that will appear on the ballot in November.  Only vote FISHER-PAGONE-RUSSELL!

A sample Republican ballot and a sample Democrat ballot are shown below.

republican ballot-page-001 democrat ballot-page-001