Contact the School Board

Posted: November 27, 2012 in Take Action

As of this time, the School Board has not declared a date for the public hearing– it is only after a public hearing that the school board could vote on a recommendation to close a school.

We strongly urge that ALL parents and other community members appear at the board meeting at 7pm on Wednesday, November 28.   The meeting will be held in the Carson Middle School auditorium.

At the end of the meeting, any resident of North Allegheny may address the board with their concerns. You may also contact the school board members directly to voice your opinion.

If the board feels that there is limited public concern about the closing of a school, then their votes will reflect that perception. Contact information may be obtained here: School Directors / Contact Information

  1. Ditte Karlovits says:

    Concerned parent following NA elementary school redistricting and possible Peebles school closure. I just moved to McCandles with my 4yr old daughter, 2yr old son and am expecting another child. I am also a Pediatrician in the area and concerned about the quality of education an elementary school can provide if class sizes are too large. 25 for the young ones and 30 for older elementary. I have visited the private schools in the area and am considering sending my children there if Peebles closes and smaller class sizes aren’t in place. Aquanias Academy, alpha School, whinchester Thurston all have class sizes of 15 for all grades. I want my children to love school and have a quality education within the public school system which is why we moved to NA but now I’m not sure you will make that possible. Please don’t compromise my children’s education.
    Thank you,
    Ditte Karlovits

  2. Ditte-
    Thank you for your post. I highly recommend that you forward your remarks to the school board directly. Addresses and telephone numbers are listed in the link provided above. You can also comment on the NA Blog and have your statements responded to by the administration. The link for the Community Blog follows below:

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