The Next Day….

Posted: November 29, 2012 in Take Action

The school board meeting last night was a success.

As expected, the administration made a formal proposal to the board to close Peebles Elementary school.

What the board did not expect was a 32 page community report that refuted each and every point made by the administration using the administration’s very own facts and figures from the past 4 months.

The report illustrates that current enrollment accounts for 90% of the available seats under the new model and leaves a cushion of only 4 students per grade in each building before class sizes exceed district guidelines.

It also documents a 13-year history of the administration underestimating actual enrollment by an average of 350+ students.

Finally, it notes that the data used for population projections in the consultant’s report does not tie to the 2010 U.S. census and a mathematical error contained in the conclusion section of the demographic study changes the projected forecast for the town of McCandless from a “decline” to “stability.”

This report can be viewed here.

Parents should know that the Save NA Schools group is pursuing several strategic options that further strengthen the case for keeping Peebles elementary school open. Please sign-up as a “follower” at to stay updated on all relevant information surrounding this recommendation.


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