Letter to the Editor

Published 1.9.13 in the Pittsburgh Trib

I am a North Allegheny School District resident, alumnus and a parent of a daughter with special needs. I am extremely disappointed and concerned with the actions of North Allegheny‘s administration in its proposal to close Peebles Elementary School.

At the Nov. 14 school board meeting, the proposed floor plans for the remaining buildings put the hearing-impaired program into a receiving area at Hosack Elementary that currently houses cafeteria tables (aka a storage area). This was done after the administration assured the public that careful thought and consideration had been put into the placement of special needs programs.

At the Nov. 28 board meeting, Brian Miller, assistant superintendent of K-12 education, acknowledged that the district will be moving the hearing-impaired to a second-floor room at Hosack. This only came after parents mailed the floor plans to each and every board member, demanding that a change occur.

This greatly concerns me because, without parent action, the administration would have been content leaving the hearing-impaired exactly where they placed them in the storage area. This is just one example of the lack of due diligence and negligence that has taken place by the administration throughout this process.

Jamie Karlovits


  1. Ash Marwah says:

    NA, costs & taxes

    Published: Thursday, December 20, 2012, 8:51 p.m.
    Updated: Thursday, December 20, 2012

    NA, costs & taxes

    North Allegheny‘s superintendent posted a letter in June on the school district‘s website to indicate the possibility of a referendum to increase taxes by $10 million for 2013-14. Now, the school board is considering the administration‘s recommendation to close one elementary school to save costs (“Community group questions North Allegheny enrollment projections,” Dec. 6 and TribLIVE.com).

    The problem seems to be that savings from the closing amount to only $850,000, which still leaves a deficit of $9.15 million and brings us back to the possibility of a referendum on a tax increase of that magnitude in the May primary.

    This follows three consecutive years of tax increases, when our millage has gone from 18.99 to 20.923, a little more than a 10-percent increase. A $10 million tax increase next year would add close to 8 percent on top of that. And this is not the end, because the district is projecting annual tax increases for the foreseeable future.

    Per-pupil cost is $15,381. This means NA is already spending more on education than any other district in suburban Allegheny County. Continued tax increases will take our costs into the stratosphere.

    The veteran board members who have been through it all the last few years have to look at the whole plan differently and come up with a different solution. What we are looking at is unacceptable and I predict that the $10 million referendum would not pass.

    Ash Marwah

    Franklin Park

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