Videos on School Board President’s Comments on Growth and Closing a Building

Posted: January 29, 2013 in Community Information, NA School District Communications, Videos
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On Aug 17, 2011, School Board President Maureen Grosheider commented on growth in the district and the idea of closing an elementary building.  We believe these comments are important and should be heard by residents across the district before attending the public hearing tomorrow:

Attend the Public Hearing tomorrow, at 7pm in the Carson Middle School Auditorium, 200 Hillvue Lane, Pittsburgh

Advocate for all 3,500+ elementary students in the district by telling the school board to keep Peebles Elementary open!


See related post–  2011: Board members express concern about enrollment projections

  1. schiffh1 says:

    So, the question is, who is buying the board members votes? How can ones opinion change so drastically overnight?

  2. Laurie Steele says:

    Please be sure to take the time to watch BOTH the video clips!

  3. Jeff Allshouse says:

    What a difference a year makes!!! What has changed within the last year to cause such a dramatic shift in opinion and action?

  4. Molly_B says:

    Wow, the media could have a field day with that. What changed in in 1.5yrs? Something is shady in our Administration and School Board.

  5. Lola Cordero says:

    They don’t have any kids in the school in question so they simply don’t care. Why mess with for example, Bradford Woods? Because they are an affluent community.

  6. Doug Karlovits says:

    What changed between August 2011 and August 2012? Only one thing: the building up for closure. When Bradford Woods was on the chopping block, it wasn’t a good idea to close a school because Rep. Mike Turzai’s child attends Bradford Woods, School Board Vice President Dan Hubert’s wife works at Bradford Woods, and School Board President Maureen Grosheider’s children attended Bradford Woods. Now that another school is up for closure, it is a great idea to close a building because we’ve failed to put a strategic plan in place and we desperately need cash.

  7. Lynn Tonti says:

    Very well-said, Doug. I think you hit it exactly right. The School Board (& then Superintendent Green) were warning of a “perfect storm” brewing when my high school children were in elementary school. They have had adequate time to deal with the foreseen budget “hole”. It did not happen overnight. Yet they want us to accept the closure of a school practically overnight because it is one of the easiest things for them to do.

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