Fourteen Residents Apply for Open School Board Position

Posted: March 18, 2013 in Community Information

From the district’s website:

The deadline to apply for the open position on the North Allegheny Board of School Directors was Thursday, March 14 at 4 PM. A total of fourteen (14) residents submitted applications.  They are:

  • Ash Marwah
  • R. Kevin Brown
  • Robert. Weiland
  • Elliot Frank
  • Keith Miller
  • Tracy McDonough
  • Karen Boujoukos
  • Brigitte Savchik
  • Alan Shuckrow
  • Suzanne Filiaggi
  • Timothy Herald
  • Christopher Disque
  • Bill Dougherty
  • Patricia Bolster
The School board will conduct individual public interviews of all qualified applicants at the close of their March 20th Combined Meeting, which begins at 7 PM and will be held in the CAO Board Room. Applicants will be interviewed based upon the order in which their applications were received. The new Board member will be selected by a public vote of the Board following the interview process. The Oath of Office will be administered immediately following the vote of the Board and the acceptance of the candidate. The new Board member will assume his/her duties immediately.
  1. Lynn Tonti says:

    Certainly good news to see so many interested candidates. Can we please have a position from each of these candidates concerning the proposed closing of Peebles?

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