Many NA residents have now seen large signs and received campaign information from a group calling themselves “NA United.”  The group’s slogan is, “Fund Education, Not Empty Classrooms.”  Here is what you should know:

  1. “NA United” is comprised of a small group of people, primarily from Marshall Township, including Board President Maureen Grosheider, Board Member Linda Bishop, and Vice Chairman of the Marshall Township Board of Supervisors, Phil Troy.
  2. Metadata retrieved from a Microsoft Word document being circulated by “NA United” identifies Ms. Bishop’s husband as the author of the document and the North Allegheny School District as the company. In our opinion, this begs the question—was Ms. Bishop, or any other member of “NA United,” using taxpayer-funded District resources for political purposes? A copy of the metadata report is shown below.
  3. Ms. Bishop, Mr. Troy, and Ms. Grosheider want to see Dan Hubert re-elected and the status-quo preserved. Mr. Hubert has been on the school board since 1999. In an effort to maintain control, the “NA United” group has made several attempts to discredit newcomers Fisher and Russell. This is most directly evidenced by Mr. Troy contacting PFA and PTA presidents, who are precluded from taking a political position, and encouraging them to endorse Hubert-Wenig-Schwartzmier.  Mr. Troy is also responsible for spreading false rumors that Fisher and Russell would close Bradford Woods.

Meanwhile, no fear-mongering or negative campaigning has been undertaken by the other township organizations that are supporting candidates in this election. These groups have played by the rules in an effort to protect the integrity of the political process and allow the best candidates to prevail.


  1. Carole S. Shepard says:

    I appreciate this information and find it helpful. At the same time, perhaps a change in leadership at the Board level will correct another site that I find misleading – .The site is linked to a Republican Committee member and endorses candidates supported by the school board. The site & domain should not be supported by political agendas. For a new member to our community, the distinction between and may not be noticeable and I do not feel that unsuspecting people think they have reached a site that is in anyway endorsed by or essential to our community.

  2. Lynn Tonti says:

    All I can say is “Holy Cow!” I am shocked at the level of duplicity & deceitfulness from our current Board members. The entire opening statement made by Mrs.Grosheider at the board meeting on Wednesday was a complete ruse.

  3. Lynn Tonti says:

    Looking at this document recovery, it appears that there was a revision to it made on May 16th…the day after the last Board meeting. The same Board meeting where Mrs. Grosheider made an elaborate opening statement about the Board’s appreciation for the “heaviness” hanging over all of us. Knowing full well this flier had been created on the 9th. Also at this Board meeting Mr.Hubert & Mr.Schwartzmier refused to answer my simple question concerning their position on the Peebles closure. Refusing to answer was just another deceptive political ploy by Mr. Hubert & Mr.Schwartzmier. They are candidates…they are supposed to have positions on issues!

  4. Bill Thomas says:

    These current school board members who are NOT playing by the rules and are disingenuous in their remarks should be ashamed of their behavior.

  5. James Shue says:

    Aren’t these board members sworn to an oath of ethics, etc.?
    How can they be permitted to use/abuse taxpayers resources for their own personal and political addenda?
    Are these the same David and Linda Bishop that own a home in Englewood, FL?
    Do the Bishop’s really still even live in the NA School District?

    This is unbelievable stuff!

  6. Gregg O says:

    They should be called “NA United, except Peebles”

  7. gregg olinger says:

    When and where are elections held? This has been extremely hard to find.

  8. Lynn Malko says:

    Unethical, abusive use of power, disgraceful, disrespectful, deceitful, smarmy… I’ve got an adjective to add: tyrannical. It’s way past time for new leaders to lead our community & school district forward.

  9. Naseem Wahlah says:

    Clearly there is a need for some new board members since it seems that most of the current board members are only interested in self serving agendas, not what is best for the children in the school district.

  10. John Harrison II says:

    Mr. Olinger- Election day will be this Tuesday May 21st, 2013. If you live in the North Allegheny School District and you are registered to vote please get out and vote on the 21st. Poll Hours: 7:00 AM-8:00 PM.

    NA PEOPLE GET OUT AND VOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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