Save NA Slate Sweeps General Election

Posted: November 6, 2013 in Community Information

A huge thank you to the NA community for voting to MOVE THE DISTRICT FORWARD!

The election results, per the Allegheny County Elections Division, are shown below:

School Director- 4 year seat

Tara Zimmerman Fisher= 4917

Scott Russell = 4874

Ralph J. Pagone = 4812

Thomas C. Schwartzmier = 3310

Daniel E. Hubert = 2039

School Director- 2 year seat

Kevin Mahler =  3283

Gary S. Wenig = 2591

  1. Denise Benko says:

    Congrats for all you hard work….now the change begins!

  2. Bill lundgren says:

    Good job to all!

  3. Ryan says:

    Congratulations! Now…let’s get that budget under control so our kids get the education they so richly deserve….

  4. Brian Bell says:

    I remember being very angry with Dr. Gualtieri’s statements after the board voted to proceed with a future vote to close Peebles — a meeting that went until 2 a.m. with more than 90 speakers opposing the closure. The PG quoted him as saying:

    “Only 98 people came out to ask the board not to close Peebles. The silence of the voices of the rest of our taxpayers who did not attend that meeting has to be interpreted as support for what the administration and the school board are considering,”

    I hope the nearly 5,000 votes cast, has put that conclusion to rest. Certainly, this vote was no longer entirely about the closure of an elementary school within the district. I believe it became more about finding a new group of board members committed to earnestly listening to and engaging the NA community.

    I have no doubt that our new representatives will do that. Thanks to all of you for your willingness to serve our children and community.

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