Some North Allegheny parents object to move of students

Posted: November 21, 2013 in Community Information, Press Coverage
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Several parents of children from Franklin Elementary School complained to school directors about a redistricting plan that would move their children out of the overcrowded school on Rochester Road in Franklin Park.

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  1. Scott Albert says:

    I would like to know what the incoming school directors will do about these scenarios. I live around the corner from Hosack and next year they want our kids to go to Peebles. It is unnecessary and unfair to my children, one which will be in fifth grade next year. When I looked at the maps and how lines are being drawn for schools, it makes no sense. Even the current boundaries make no sense. This is going to be another frustrating school year with this district. I’m disappointed and ashamed how people are running this district! I hope fresh faces on the board can make things better for all.

  2. Melissa says:

    Another thing that is unfair is that each time Na has gone through redistricting, some of the same neighborhoods have been affected. For example, we live in the Breezewood neighborhood. We have been moved every time. There are large families in our neighborhood who have been affected each time. How is this fair? We shouldn’t be moved again. Move a neighborhood that hasn’t already endured this upheaval.

    In addition, it is totally WRONG to not grandfather in the 8th graders as was done the last time. These kids aren’t just sad about leaving their friends; they are sad to miss out on teachers and projects and experiences unique to the school they have grown to love. Middle school might be the time where kids are most invested in their school and feel the greatest connection given the intellectual, social, and emotional changes they go through during this important time.

  3. Randy Hollaway says:

    Our 23 children are being kicks out of MES, but they plan to move 90 kids into MES.

    I have started a petition, “Change the redistricting proposal so that students neighboring Matterhorn Drive and Forest Trails can continue their education together at their current elementary / middle schools.”

    Will you please take 30 seconds and sign it right now? Here’s the link:

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