At the January 15th meeting, the administration presented the School Board with a recommended redistricting scenario.  The presentation is now available on the district’s web site.  You may also click here or on the link below to access the presentation.

NASD Presentation

  1. Melissa says:

    While I appreciate the hard work put into this, there is one glaring point that is totally unfair. The District cites keeping the Franklin Towne neighborhood at IES because they have already endured redistricting each of the previous times. I agree that is fair. What is unfair is that other neighborhoods have also been redistricted each of the other times, but they are STILL being moved this time. If this is the District’s policy, it should be applied to all of us affected. I live in the Breezewood neighborhood, and we’ve been moved each time and are still being moved to CMS. This is unfair. Breezewood, East Barkhurst, and West Barkhurst should be granted the same consideration and fairness and be allowed to remain at IMS.

    • Bill says:

      I would tend to agree with Melissa. Redistricting should be looked at as a last resort and planned for more than a five year period outlook. All options including expansion and reduction of school sizes, and relocation of schools, should be considered. The methods used for predicting attendance should also be changed and NOT associated with live birth rates, which have absolutedly no bearing on attendance at NA schools. Lets get it right, for once.

  2. Robert says:

    Please join us in saving our children’s chances to attend their neighborhood schools by encouraging the board to vote NO to the current redistricting proposal and allowing the community to have real input into a comprehensive plan!

    Join us at

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