PG: North Allegheny redistricting to move fewer than 200 students

Posted: January 23, 2014 in Community Information, Press Coverage
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North Allegheny school directors will vote Feb. 19 on the administration’s fourth and final redistricting plan that would move fewer than 200 elementary students and allow current fourth- and seventh-grade students to stay where they are.

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The North Allegheny’s School District’s fourth redistricting scenario, which was formed in response to opposition from parents, is also drawing opposition.

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  1. Krista Kollitz says:

    Perhaps you should send out the 1st article written in the post gazette stating the opposition to the redistricting. The people of the district supported your efforts when you wanted to save peebles- I believe you owe us the same support. Thank you- Krista Kollitz

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    • Thank you for your comment. Two articles from the Post-Gazette were posted this morning. The article in question was sent out this morning in an email and it is currently posted on the site and linked on Facebook. It can also be found in the comments section as posted by Robert Sobehart.

  2. Debra Bordo says:

    This is not a success to everyone. There are still many families being affected by this plan. This current redistricting plan is moving the middle school students in the Breezewood neighborhood right back to where they were before we were moved the last time NA redistricted. This is not the change we thought we were voting in to place, but rather for some of us, just more of the same.

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