PG: North Allegheny addresses elementary school class sizes

Posted: May 1, 2014 in Press Coverage
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North Allegheny school directors who were elected on the platform of elementary class size made good on a campaign promise. They have proposed a method to determine the number of sections of each elementary grade.

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  1. A concerned Franklin parent says:

    You may wonder how this policy effects each school individually. For example, one main reason to redistrict was to alleviate the overcrowding at Franklin. As many members of the administration and school board commented on during the redistricting debate, we are currently using a music room as a classroom. This was unacceptable and as Mrs. Fisher pointed out during the voting meeting, the education of Franklin students in this classroom was being compromised by other students BANGING on the wall while in the cafeteria. Well, guess what classroom will be used next year? That’s right, the unacceptable music room! So, the proposed class size limits forces Franklin to use unacceptable classrooms in the very first year of the redistricting plan. If we would need to add additional sections for equity among the 7 elementary schools, we wouldn’t have room. The redistricting plan has FAILED.
    The situation for Ingomar elementary is similar to Franklin. Using all available classrooms on Day 1 next year. So, once again, no room to create equity. But, amazingly enough, if you are a Peebles or Hosack parent, you’re kids will benefit greatly from this proposed plan.
    And what about the cost of this plan? Just in the first year, the additional cost is estimated at $495,000. This will be a cost for every year moving forward.
    This plan does not create equity among the 7 schools and forces Franklin to use unacceptable classrooms.

  2. Joe Cramblit says:

    I read some very interesting quotes in this article. Mr. Greenberg should remember all the PhD. s too smart to be dictated to were going to close a school in the face of a robust increase in school enrollment. I also agree that if we are going to spend money as taxpayers. Our class sizes should be a major priority. I disagree with Ms. Grosheider when she wants to wait until all grades class sizes can be addressed. It sounds like a set up to get nothing accomplished. Class size in k-5 is more important. Period.

  3. Jim Fuchs says:

    Yes it is.

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