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A huge thank you to the NA community for voting to MOVE THE DISTRICT FORWARD! The seven candidates elected to the NA School Board are Kevin Mahler, Libby Blackburn, Michael C. Meyer, Christopher Finley, Christopher Disque, Suzanne M. Filiaggi, and Richard McClure.

The election results, per the Allegheny County Elections Division, with 99.55% of the precincts reporting, are shown below:

School Director- 4 year seat

Kevin Mahler=6,623

Libby Blackburn=6,497

Michael C. Meyer=6,447

Christopher Finley=6,158

Christopher Disque=5,470

 Maureen Grosheider=3,571

School Director- 2 year seat

Suzanne M. Filiaggi=7,182

School Director- 2 year seat

Richard McClure=6,584



Save NA Schools supports 7 of the 8 candidates running for the NA School Board.

This District-wide slate includes 3 residents of McCandless, 2 residents of Franklin Park, and 2 residents of Marshall.

These candidates are committed to prioritizing expenditures, growing alternative revenue, and promoting community involvement. Please share this information to help us Move NA Forward.

Every vote on Tuesday, November 3 will matter!