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Candidate Kevin Mahler

Posted: October 29, 2013 in Community Information

Kevin Mahler is an NA parent, business professional, and 18-year district resident.

NA Parent: Kevin’s daughter is a 2010 NA graduate (now at NYU).  His son is a Senior at NASH (honors student, co-captain of the NA soccer team, and Boy Scout).

Business Professional: Kevin earned his bachelor’s degree from Duke University and his MBA from the University of Pittsburgh.  He is a Marketing Research Director for Schmidt Consulting.

18-year District Resident: Kevin’s wife is a local pediatrician with a Wexford office.  Kevin has coached several NA recreational sports teams, been an active member of his neighborhood’s homeowner association, and a regular attendee at NA board meetings.

To learn more about Kevin and his platform, please visit

North Allegheny Patch
Marketing Research Director, NA Parent, Seeks Seat on North Allegheny School Board

Richard Cook, North Allegheny Patch

“Kevin Mahler is running in a special election for a two-year seat on the board.”

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On November 5, there will be a special election for a 2-year seat on the school board.  The seat was vacated in February, and must be filled for the remaining two years of the term.

The two candidates running in the special election are Kevin Mahler and Gary Wenig.

Mr. Mahler was nominated to the special election ballot by obtaining more than 500 signatures from Republicans and Democrats across the district.  He is running as an Independent.

Mr. Wenig was nominated to the special election ballot by the local Republican committee.  He is running as a Republican.  (Mr. Wenig was eligible for the 2-year position because he did not win the Republican or Democratic nominations for a 4-year position in the primary.)

SaveNASchools endorses Kevin Mahler for the 2-year seat because he is running on a bipartisan platform and has broad-based support from both Republicans and Democrats across the district.  Mr. Mahler is an 18-year district resident with strong ties to the NA community.  To read more, please go to