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The 6 candidates endorsed by Save NA Schools – Filiaggi – Finley – Mahler – Meyer – Disque – Blackburn – have purchased yard signs for their campaign.

If you are interested in a group sign for your yard, please contact us at
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Since September of 2012, Save NA Schools has advocated redistricting in order to create more equity across all elementary schools and better utilization of “excess capacity” in some buildings.  Balancing enrollment is critical to reducing class size- which has been a central focus of this group.

On March 15, 2013, Save NA Schools stated that balancing enrollment would allow the district to

  1. keep class size within the district’s guidelines
  2. adequately administer elementary programs (music, ESAP, GOAL)
  3. reasonably accommodate future growth

Many members of the North Allegheny community, including parents from HES, IES, MCK, MES and PES,  spoke in support of the redistricting proposal for those reasons.  On Wednesday, February 19, the North Allegheny School Board voted 7-2 to balance enrollment across all of the district’s buildings– making the 16-month community campaign to “save class size” a success.

The redistricting plan incorporated the top two requests from the community:  1.) move the fewest number of students, and 2.) grandfather current 4th and 7th grade students.


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The North Allegheny School Board Wednesday approved redistricting students for the next school year. The plan moves fewer than 200 elementary students and allows for current fourth- and seventh-graders to stay in their current schools. It was introduced by the administration last month to take into account comments from residents about three previous plans

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SaveNASchools was recently featured in the latest issue of IN North Allegheny.  Click on the links below to read the article.


IN North Allegheny is a free, quarterly magazine direct mailed to homes in Bradford Woods, Franklin Park, McCandless, and Marshall Township. For more information on the publication, please click here.

On November 5, there will be a special election for a 2-year seat on the school board.  The seat was vacated in February, and must be filled for the remaining two years of the term.

The two candidates running in the special election are Kevin Mahler and Gary Wenig.

Mr. Mahler was nominated to the special election ballot by obtaining more than 500 signatures from Republicans and Democrats across the district.  He is running as an Independent.

Mr. Wenig was nominated to the special election ballot by the local Republican committee.  He is running as a Republican.  (Mr. Wenig was eligible for the 2-year position because he did not win the Republican or Democratic nominations for a 4-year position in the primary.)

SaveNASchools endorses Kevin Mahler for the 2-year seat because he is running on a bipartisan platform and has broad-based support from both Republicans and Democrats across the district.  Mr. Mahler is an 18-year district resident with strong ties to the NA community.  To read more, please go to


North Allegheny Patch

The community group “Save NA Schools” says the most recent enrollment numbers, obtained under the “right to know” law, confirm what it campaigned more than a year for; closing an elementary school in the North Allegheny School District would lead to larger class sizes.

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Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Leaders of the Save NA Schools citizens group said the decision by North Allegheny school board officers not to schedule a vote on closing Peebles Elementary School in McCandless was the right one.

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North Allegheny Patch

North Allegheny School Board President: Peebles Elementary Staying Open

At the beginning of Wednesday’s North Allegheny School Board meeting, board President Maureen Grosheider announced that Peebles Elementary School, once slated for closure, would remain open.

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