Post Gazette, NA Patch Coverage: Dec 19th School Board Meeting

Posted: December 21, 2012 in Press Coverage
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Pittsburgh Post Gazette: December 20, 2012

A divided North Allegheny School Board voted Wednesday to hold a public hearing on a proposal to close Peebles Elementary School in McCandless.  Scheduling the hearing does not mean that they will eventually vote to close the building, but allows them to keep their options open, board members said.

The hearing will be held Jan. 30. A vote to close the school cannot occur for 90 days after that.

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North Allegheny Patch, December 20, 2012

In a meeting that lasted nearly five hours, the North Allegheny School board Wednesday night voted to schedule a public hearing on Jan. 30 on whether or not to close Peebles Elementary school.

Board members Ralph J. Pagone and Christopher M. Jacobs voted against the hearing.

More than 40 parents spoke against the proposal, and many of them asked again for the formation of a community task force to further study the issue. The board did not address that request.

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  1. Ellen says:

    I couldn’t be more disappointed with this school board. I’ve entrusted my son’s educational future in the hands of individuals that are willing to put their trust in an evaluator that has already ripped off this school district. Fool me once shame on you. But to hire the same invidiual who has lead you down an expensive path, well shame isn’t the word I would use. Some of these members tout their years of service to the district, but my how quickly one can forget such a costly endeavor. Yes it is obvious that there are financial concerns that NA is facing, but we live in an area that is heavily populated with concerned and professional individuals that are all too willing to lend their support in time and efforts. What exactly is this board in such a rush for? Why won’t they take advantage of the numerous offers for help in meeting the budget crisis head on? And the answers provided at the 11th hour by the superintendent via email after 5 pm just before the school board meeting this week was a poor excuse for an attempt to address our collective concerns. So they have chosen to have a public hearing… Fine bring it on! They have picked the wrong group of parents to try out this routine.

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