“…A divided North Allegheny school board voted Dec. 19 to hold a public hearing on a proposal to close Peebles Elementary School. Some board members said they are not comfortable enough yet with the data to actually vote to close the school in McCandless.

But holding the hearing keeps their options open, several members said…”

  1. Ash Marwah says:

    Saving money on Substitute Teachers’ expense would be enough to offset the savings generated by closing Peebles Elementary. If the Teachers are out of classroom only 2% less time, that would be more than enough to offset the $850,000 savings by closing Peebles:

    North Allegheny School District

    Last Updated by Jewelsy on Dec 17

    Number of teachers: 626
    Money spent on substitute teachers: *
    Percentage of local taxes to cover substitute teacher expenses: *
    Percentage of time teachers are out of the classroom: 5.33 percent

    *Does not include cost of substitutes. North Allegheny officials denied this record, and the Trib appealed the denial with the state Office of Open Records and won. The district had an additional 30 days after the Dec. 3 decision and records had not been received by press time.

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