Video of School Board President’s Comments on Rising Enrollment

Posted: March 11, 2013 in Community Information, Videos

In the fall of 2011, when Bradford Woods was being considered for closure, School Board President Maureen Grosheider challenged the administration’s declining enrollment projections and noted that elementary enrollment has been “rising.”

Click on the link to watch the video.


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  1. Ron Cammarata says:

    The section of McCandless Township that borders Ross, Hampton, and Shaler (Greybrooke region and surrounds) has been serviced by Peebles Elementary school virtually since the district’s inception. In 2013, this region of the North Allegheny School District is possibly the most affordable neighborhood with regards to real estate sales in the entire district. For a young family with a start-up middle class income, this community is one of the areas in the district where home ownership is a reality based on selling prices and taxes. One of the greatest attractions is a local elementary school.

    By closing Peebles the NA School Board sets in motion a greater notion of elitism, which in turn does harm to the district’s reputation from a public relations perspective, even though not intended. It is no surprise to anyone reading this comment that many Allegheny County residents outside of our district view NA with some disdain….all you have to do is attend any NA sporting event….districts from surrounding communities love to beat the University of NA, striking some common cause against the “rich kids” which is always a laughing matter recognizing the district’s true socio-economic balance. But perception is often reality, and especially in public relations battles.

    Based on housing prices and taxes it is not a stretch, nor a derogatory comment to state that in all likelihood per capita income is probably lower in those homes serviced by Peebles than in many of the communities in the northern tier of the district…..and that is OK, as it demonstrates a cross-sectional economic balance in our school district. But, this in turn is where the Board could be making a significant public relations blunder, easily interpreted as a slap in the face to those residents serviced by Peebles, both in and outside of the school district. We live in a time where inclusiveness is sought out by institutions, and where big organizations such as school districts pay more than lip service in recognizing all of their constituents needs. The present North Allegheny School Board and Administration need to reconsider the closing of Peebles to help keep the balance and culture of this great school district in place, as it has evolved over a half century.

    Ron Cammarata

    • Kathi Evans says:

      Very well stated !!! please consider stating this to the board at the next meeting march 20th

    • Yes, brilliantly stated. Please do speak at the next meeting on March 20th–but as well, PLEASE send it to the board as an email. It is obviously important to leave an official trail (paper or video) so that current/future boards and superintendents cannot claim “we did not know.”

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