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The 2015-16 school year marks the third straight year elementary enrollment has beat projections.

In 2012, elementary enrollment was projected to decline to 3,278 students by the year 2015.*
Actual 2015 enrollment is 3,484 students (206 more students than projected.)

This year, the District required 153 elementary sections to prevent classes from operating above class size guidelines at the start of the year. The third day enrollment chart provided by the District illustrates that the class size policy passed last year is operating effectively and equitably.
Elem 3rd Day Enrollment 8.27.15-page-001

* In 2012, a consultant hired by the District predicted total elementary enrollment would drop to 3,117 by the year 2017.  This means the District would have to lose over 350 elementary students in the next two years for this projection to hold true. In fact, actual enrollment has exceeded these projections by more than 150 students each year.
The efforts of the NA community two years ago to bring change to the NA School Board will continue to be undermined if Maureen Grosheider and Joe Greenberg are re-elected on May 19. 
We need your vote to elect new candidates in their place.
Maureen Grosheider has been on the Board for 2 decades.  To increase her chances for re-election, she is running for both a 2-year and 4-year term at the same time.  Under Grosheider’s leadership, the Board raised taxes 3 years in a row, operated classes above class size guidelines, and relied on inaccurate projections that led to the failed recommendation to close a school.    
Joe Greenberg has supported a tax increase every year since he joined the Board.  Like Grosheider, he voted against the elementary class size policy.  When 11 elementary classes started the 2012-13 school year above the class size guidelines, Greenberg stated that implementing a class size policy like other districts was unnecessary.

Please support the 6 candidates who are committed to moving NA forward: FILIAGGI-FINLEY-MAHLER-MEYER-DISQUE-BLACKBURN.

To view the ballot for tomorrow’s election, please click here or see below.

Two years ago, a bipartisan group of NA residents came together to advocate for change on the North Allegheny School Board.   At that time, most of the school board members had been on the Board for over a decade, including Maureen Grosheider–who has been on the Board for 2 decades.
Under Grosheider’s Leadership, NA lacked a long-term strategic plan:
  1. The Board raised taxes for 3 years in a row (2010, 2011, and 2012).
  2. Inaccurate projections led to the recommendation to close an elementary school–the District projected an $8 million deficit, but ended the year with a $5 million surplus and an increase in elementary enrollment.
  3. Elementary classes operated above class size guidelines (11 sections were above the guidelines at the start of the 2012-13 school year).
  4. Classroom technology fell behind comparator districts (including Hampton and North Hills).
  5. The District was not compliant with Board Policy #4125–which requires that the District maintain a Citizen’s Advisory Committee to provide feedback on important District matters.
As a result of these issues, the district-wide movement to Save NA Schools took hold and 3 new members were elected to the NA School Board.  After the 2013 election, board members chose new board leadership and began the process of moving NA forward.
Under New Board Leadershipthe following changes have occurred:
  1. A new Budget and Finance Committee, comprised of 3 Board Members, was created to help prioritize District expenditures and develop a long-term plan with respect to fiscal management and tax increases.
  2. A new Technology Advisory Committee, comprised of teachers, parents, and taxpayers, was created to provide a variety of stakeholders with the opportunity to develop recommendations around advancing classroom technology. 
  3. A new Elementary Class Size Policy was created to provide guidelines for determining the number of elementary sections at the start of the year.
  4. A new Alternative Revenue Initiative was created for soliciting “payments in lieu of taxes” from large, non-profit organizations that reside in the District and benefit from the NA brand.  
  5. A new Citizen’s Advisory Committee was reinstated to give NA constituents the opportunity to provide feedback on important District matters.
As you can see, many positive changes have occurred under new board leadership.  We believe it’s important to keep that momentum going.  

Watch the new candidate video by clicking here or on the link below.

For more information on the candidates, their platform, and the May 19 election, please go to the following link:


pic_Libby BlackburnLibby Blackburn is a life-long resident of McCandless. She attended Ingomar Elementary, Ingomar Middle, NAI, and graduated with honors from North Allegheny in 1982. She attended Bucknell University and Kenyon College, earning her degree in 1986. Mrs. Blackburn retired recently after working for USAirways for 27 years. She has been married to her husband, Mike, for over twenty years, and has twin boys in ninth grade at NAI.

Mrs. Blackburn has extensive volunteer experience in our community. She has been a ministry leader at Ingomar United Methodist Church, and board member for the Ingomar Franklin Park Athletic Association and for Ingomar Swim Club. Before becoming a School Board member, she served on the Superintendent-Parent Liaison Committee, Elementary Advisory Committee, Professional Education Committee, and Superintendent’s Planning Committee. Mrs. Blackburn also served as President of the Ingomar Elementary Parent Teacher Organization and was chair of the NA Foundation.

Mrs. Blackburn was elected to the School Board in 2011. She is seeking her second term this year.  She sits on the Beattie Tech Board and has had Transportation and Special Education & Pupil Services as her board folders. She also served on the Summer Recreation Board and was the Legislative Chair for Beattie Tech. Mrs. Blackburn believes North Allegheny must find alternate revenue sources and remain vigilant with our legislators to make sure Pennsylvania finds a fair funding solution for our schools. As chair of the NA Foundation, she was instrumental in the Foundation becoming eligible for the Educational Improvement Tax Credit Program, and in obtaining the funds it has received. As a taxpayer with children currently attending NAI, Libby Blackburn wants to ensure North Allegheny maintains its elite educational status while keeping taxes low.

Mrs. Blackburn is running for a four year seat.

For more information on the candidates and their platform, please click on the following link:

pic_Chris DisqueChris Disque grew up in Mt. Lebanon and graduated from Mt. Lebanon High School. He has a Bachelors Degree and an MBA from the University of Pittsburgh.  Mr. Disque is an IT Manager and Financial Planning and Reporting Application Developer at Kadmon Pharmaceuticals in Marshall Township. He has been an IT professional for 16 years and has worked across the US and Europe on various system implementations.

Mr. Disque and his wife, Kim, moved to McCandless 6 years ago.  Together they have 2 students at Peebles Elementary School; Evelyn, 9, is in third grade, and Max, 6, is in kindergarten.  Mr. Disque coaches with the North Allegheny Soccer Club and Little Penguins Learn to Play Hockey programs.

Mr. Disque believes that North Allegheny needs to enhance the annual budget process to better meet the financial needs of the district.  His experience in solving complex financial planning problems enable him to help the board build more accurate financial forecasts, which significantly increase efficiency.  In addition, his work on large system implementations will provide insights and understanding related to project management.  Mr. Disque’s goal is to ensure North Allegheny’s success, now and in the future.

Mr. Disque is running for a four year seat.

For more information on the candidates and their platform, please click on the following link:

pic_Mike Meyer Mike Meyer lives with his wife, Stephanie, and their two children, Brady and Carson, in Marshall Township. They made the decision to move to this area from Shadyside as their children approached school age.  The decision to move to Marshall was based on the belief that North Allegheny would provide outstanding educational opportunities for their children. His experience thus far has confirmed that the decision was a good one.

Mr. Meyer has an undergraduate degree from IUP in Communications and he has a graduate degree in Athletic Administration from West Chester University. He spent seven years working in college athletics in various capacities and is now entering his twenty-first year as the General Sales Manager of the Steelers Radio Network, a property run by iHeartMedia, formerly Clear Channel.

Mr. Meyer has served as a member of the School Board since August of 2014 when he was appointed by the Board to to fill a vacant seat.

As a parent of two young boys, Mr. Meyer has a vested interest in the future of the District.  He hopes to utilize his business background and professional experience to find solutions for the many issues that will confront North Allegheny in the next few years including financial challenges, technology growth, and the need for a long-term plan to generate alternative revenue streams. Mr. Meyer is eager to continue to commit his time and energy to continuing the success that North Allegheny has achieved.

Mr. Meyer is running for a four year seat.

For more information on the candidates and their platform, please click on the following link: