Erroneous Enrollment Projections

Posted: May 15, 2013 in Community Information
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The recommendation to close a building is based on a projected decline in elementary enrollment. However, based on the district’s records, the administration’s 5-year enrollment projections have understated actual enrollment by several hundred students.

The large discrepancy in projected enrollment v. actual enrollment for the last 3 years is a clear reason why no building in the district should be closed.

This information was obtained under the Right-to-Know Law:

May 15 Chart final

2010- 2011 Projected elementary enrollment = 3281

Projected 2010-2011 enrollment

2010-2011 Actual elementary enrollment =3526

actual 10-11

2011-2012 Projected elementary enrollment = 3275

projected 2011-2012 enrollment

2011-2012 Actual elementary enrollment = 3574

Actual 2011-2012 enrollment

2012-2013 Projected elementary enrollment = 3188

projected 2012-2013 enrollment

2012-2013 Actual elementary enrollment = 3531

Actual 2012-2013 enrollment


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