Building Totals Would Be Higher Than Ever Before

Posted: February 6, 2013 in Community Information, The Impact
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If Peebles is closed, 4 of the 6 remaining schools would have building totals higher than any other year since the district’s 1999 elementary renovations.

The district’s successful elementary model, which has withstood the test of time, would be abandoned in place of a new model.  The new model would operate 3-round schools as 4-round schools and leave some buildings with only one spare classroom to manage class size.

All supporting documentation can be found by referencing Attachments 2-7 and 20-31 of Community Report #2.

building size

HES spares

MES spares

MCK spares

ies spares

  1. Jill Baran says:

    These totals are alarming …. pushing these schools occupancy levels to their limits. Curious to know if anybody has talked about the lunch process, with all of the additional kids, will there be enough time/room for them to adequately buy/eat their lunch?

  2. Anita King says:

    I cannot even imagine what the halls would look like between classes! More safety issues to be considered! It still concerns me greatly the stairwell capacity and our school district’s efficiency of protecting our children if any type of emergency would occur!

  3. Deanna Carvalho says:

    I wonder if we know how many key decision makers on the school board will have their children impacted by this decision? What happened to protecting the quality of education for our children? This is completely unfair to the children and most importantly, lacking in common sense.

    • Kim Stuart says:

      Deanna.. I think the only two board members with kids in elementary grades are Joe Greenberg (2 of his 3 kids are at Ingomar) and Chris Jacobs who has 2 kids at Peebles one of whom is in the 2nd grade class with 27 kids….
      I think Libby Blackburn has a child in Middle school but I don’t think that where she lives in Ingomar would be redistricted since she lives really close to Ingomar Elementary.

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