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To review the NASD E-Report from the December 18, 2013 school board meeting, please click here.

The administration’s presentation, “Redistricting Update 12/18/13,”  can be viewed here.

The next school board meeting is scheduled for January 15, 2014 at 7pm.

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Administrators in the North Allegheny School District are developing a fourth redistricting scenario that takes into account feedback received from the community during focus groups.

Robert Scherer, assistant superintendent for K-12 education, told school board members Wednesday that the fourth scenario will affect fewer than 300 students.

The district is also considering allowing current fourth- and seventh-graders to remain in their schools, as long as parents provide the transportation.

“We’re hearing folks loud and clear,” he said.

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Some parents of North Allegheny students are taking issue with the school district’s proposals to redraw school boundaries to alleviate overcrowding at several elementary schools and a middle school.

“These scenarios just don’t make any sense to me,” Maggie Pople, president of the Parent Faculty Association at Marshall Elementary School, said after a Monday focus group meeting at the school, where district officials including Superintendent Raymond Gualtieri presented the plans.

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North Allegheny annual reports: Growing school enrollment strains capital projects budget

Enrollment continues to climb slightly in North Allegheny School District.  And, although the district’s 12 schools can handle the enrollment, capital projects will have to be done in order to keep the buildings in good shape.

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North Allegheny school board OKs hires, promotions

North Allegheny school board members approved three administrative appointments, honored departing board members and heard more concerns from parents in Franklin Park and Marshall about proposed redistricting.

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Several parents of children from Franklin Elementary School complained to school directors about a redistricting plan that would move their children out of the overcrowded school on Rochester Road in Franklin Park.

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The two redistricting scenarios presented to the school board on October 23, 2013, will move considerably more elementary students than the redistricting scenario presented last year.

On November 14, 2012, the administration presented a redistricting scenario that only moved 264 elementary students if Peebles Elementary remained open. The same presentation showed 500-600 elementary students would be moved if Peebles Elementary were to close.


Now the administration is proposing two scenarios that would redistrict 400 or more elementary students, despite the fact Peebles Elementary will remain open.  The October 23, 2013 presentation does not account for the number of middle schools students who would be impacted.


These inconsistencies illustrate the need for more transparency surrounding the redistricting process. The administration has not released maps, enrollment projections, or other details upon which these scenarios are based.

The administration’s October 23, 2013 redistricting presentation may be viewed here.

The candidates endorsed by SaveNASchools are running on a platform for more transparency and more community involvement in the board’s decision-making processes. Please visit to learn more.

Note: It’s extremely important that NA residents are aware of the special election for a 2-year board seat. The redistricting plan will be voted on by the new school board and Kevin Mahler is a strong advocate for the community.

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Moving students out of Franklin Elementary School in Franklin Park to relieve crowding will be a challenge, North Allegheny School District administrators have told board members.

Most of the Franklin students live very close to the school, Roger Botti, supervisor of transportation and operations, told the board at its Oct. 23 meeting.

That means that many of them would have to travel farther to school than they do now, he said.

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Erroneous Enrollment Projections May 15, 2013

At the school board meeting on Wednesday night, the administration presented two preliminary redistricting scenarios.

SaveNASchools believes that, prior to redistricting students, the administration needs to:

  1. acknowledge increasing enrollment trends, and
  2. adopt a new projection model

If the redistricting plan is not based on a model that accurately reflects enrollment trends, it will limit the district’s ability to administer equitable class sizes across all buildings.

Last year, the administration recommended closing Peebles Elementary School based on a projected decline in elementary enrollment in McCandless.  This year, there was a 60 student increase across Peebles (+15), Hosack (+20), and McKnight (+25).

The projection model used by the district to make 5-year enrollment forecasts has consistently underestimated actual enrollment.  In 2008, the district predicted an elementary enrollment of 3,182 students for the 2013-14 school year—400 students below the third-day enrollment of 3,582 students.

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SaveNASchools has endorsed candidates who are focused on improving projection models and creating more transparency around the board’s decision-making processes.  Please visit to learn more.

Students in all seven elementary and three middle schools in the North Allegheny School District will be affected by a proposed redistricting plan.

Roger Botti, supervisor of transportation and operations, told school board members Wednesday that two plans are being considered, and each would move approximately 400 students.

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The North Allegheny School District will seek input from parent focus groups before redistricting elementary and middle school students.

The redistricting, the third in 20 years, will take effect for the 2014-15 school year.

Administrators provided a timeline and parameters to school board members at their Sept. 25 board meeting.

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